Michael is an initiated Witch, Reiki Master, Trained Clairvoyant/Medium, and High Priest of his coven, The Order of The Black Rose. He has over 15 years experience studying and practicing different traditions of Witchcraft, Shamanism, Folk Magic and Spiritualism, including learning directly from his paternal Grandmother who is an initiated High Priestess in the Santeria/Palo Mayombe Tradition. Currently residing in Southern California offering remote and in person Customized Spellwork, Tarot Readings, and Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions. Michael most recently added the Olde Ways Apothecary to his resume, offering his own line of all natural handmade magickal products. After years of working in the beauty industry and in the metaphysical goods industry he decided to take his knowledge from both worlds and create products that were not only high quality but also highly energized and effective.