New Moon Chuparosa Honey Jar Service

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PLEASE INCLUDE FULL NAME, BIRTHDATE, & 5 INTENTIONS IN THE NOTES AT CHECKOUT! Photos and a report will be posted on Instagram.

This was highly requested by a lot you so! The New Moon approaches this Thursday July 12, 2018! The moon will be in the nurturing Cancerian sign ruled by the moon, offering the opportunity to heal, renew, and sweeten ourselves and our relationships from the heart center outward. This is the perfect opportunity to work a Chuparosa Spell, harnessing the energy of the sacred spirit of the hummingbird to extract any misfortunes, bitterness, and blockages to love, and leave behind only sweetness, blessings, and renewal.
This transformational service will focus on
Improving an existing relationship, draw in new love, improve self love, heart chakra healing, commitment, affection, romance, healthy emotional expression, and drawing in sweet blessings.


Image of New Moon Chuparosa Honey Jar Service