Chuparosa Spell


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Also known as The Hummingbird Spell. This transformational love spell can be used to draw in a new love, improve an existing relationship, or to heal the heart chakra. The spirit of the humming bird is evoked to extract any misfortunes, bitterness, and blockages to love and leave behind only sweetness, blessings, and renewal. This sacred spirit brings the energies of true love, commitment, affection, romance, communication, ancestral healing, heart chakra healing and so much more. This service includes traditional offerings typical made at the river on your behalf, honey jar sweetening, and candlework. Depending on your situation it can be a 14-21 day service.
FOR SERIOUS CLIENTS ONLY (PAYMENT READY) I'll need your full name, birthdate, detailed description of your situation, and your overall goal sent to email or DM.


Image of Chuparosa Spell Image of Chuparosa Spell