Commanding Love Spell


Image of Commanding Love Spell

For those stubborn targets. There are a few “sub spells” that fall under this category, like Think Of Me or Beg Me (I’ll post about those soon), but generally speaking these types of spells are used to help gain control of a romantic situation that has either gotten out of hand (cheating, lies, manipulation) or that has been impossible to make any progress with (won’t unblock you, return texts, or hear you out). Depending on the situation it might even be necessary to command and apology or conversation by placing you on their minds 24/7 until you achieve your goal. This is definitely a more aggressive type of love spell and isn’t appropriate for every situation but sometimes when you’ve invested years of love, time, and energy into a relationship and you’re over dealing with B.S. you just need to get right to the point and get control of things.
If you have serious interest in having work done and would like a consultation please send the following IMPORTANT INFORMATION to email: I'll need your full name, birthdate, detailed description of your situation, and your overall goal sent to email.

I start on the spellwork the same day payment is made. I’ll need full names, birthdates and a description of your situation and overall goal. Please also include photos of each of you.


Image of Commanding Love Spell Image of Commanding Love Spell