Mercury Retrograde Group Service

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Mercury Retrograde is happening this upcoming Tuesday March 05 lasting till March 28.😩 This service will take place on Tuesday March 05. Mercury rules over our mental processes especially mental sharpness and clarity, verbal communication, travel, computers, cars, electronics, legal contracts, and basically making sure everything runs smoothly. When it goes retrograde it can sabotage our daily plans and routines by causing delays, miscommunications, electronic and mechanic glitches and breakdowns, mental blocks and cloudiness, etc.. Mercury goes retrograde three times a year and it last for about three weeks. On a positive note Mercury Retrograde gives us the opportunity to revisit, revamp, and re-assess. This is a great opportunity to complete any unfinished projects and to fix anything that isn’t working for you.
THE MERCURY RETROGRADE SERVICE is used to help alleviate the chaotic influences of the retrograde such as delays, miscommunications (in love, businesses, everyday life)electronic and mechanic glitches and breakdowns, and clearing mental blocks and cloudiness. We will focus on bringing mental clarity, open clear communication (relationships & business), safe travels, spiritual protection, divine alignment, and prosperous blessings. This service includes traditional offerings, ritual, and invocations made to Mercury and the crossroads deities to keep our paths clear and to align us with their positive and helpful attributes so that we may pass through this time as smoothly as possible. Each person will have their own candle carved, empowered, and dressed with my custom Mercury Retrograde oil and herbal blend. Your candle will be a taper candler place around the master candle pictured here. You will not receive the candle pictured here this is a distant service only. All photos and a summary of the service will be posted here on Instagram. The rate for this service is $40 per person and is limited to 30 people total. Payment is made through my website, the link is in my profile. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND BIRTHDATE IN THE NOTES AT CHECKOUT.
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