New Moon {Ritual Bath Soak}

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Image of New Moon {Ritual Bath Soak}

Used to Spiritually detox from negativity, dissolve blockages, and to renew your energy field. Those who feel they are crossed will benefit greatly from this bath. Blessed on the New Moon but can be used at anytime to cleanse your energy field before your ceremonies, spells, and rituals. A clear vibrant energy field is essential to the manifestation and attraction process. This bath can also double as scrying salt! Add to bowl of water for candle lit divination and meditation. Does not stain the tub or body. Made with wildcrafted Activated Charcoal, organic Mugwort infusion, and a Rosemary & Juniper Berry aroma. This is my go to whenever I'm feeling energetically heavy and or overwhelmed. Extremely grounding and balancing.

Use after your regular shower while setting your intention. Rinse and dry off as you normally would.


Image of New Moon {Ritual Bath Soak}