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Blessing! It’s time for the #BRUJACOVEN to come together!
The Full Moon is upon us Sunday October 13, 2019. This is the last Rich Witch service of the year! What better way to tune into the potent/abundant energies of the full moon than with a little prosperity magic. 💰
I offer group services as an accessible and affordable way for just about anyone to participate in the services and energy work I offer. These services should be used as energetic tools to put you in alignment with your desires and they should be followed with “real world” action. These services do not include a consultation or follow up emails. All photos and a summary of the service will be posted here on Instagram when the service is complete and ready to be posted. These services DO include: a personal blessing, dressed and prepared petition or candle (depends on what we’re doing) to be burned on your behalf, traditional offerings made in your honor, and photos/written report posted to Instagram.
The Rich Witch Group Service will focus on creating a good flow of money energy, attracting prosperity vibrations, drawing in personal and business blessings, and putting you in alignment with good fortune. Money will not fall from the sky! Magic requires action. Set your intention for the ritual, follow through with action, and be open and positive throughout the manifestation process.
This service will take place on the Full Moon on Sunday. The rate for this service is $40 per person and is limited to 35 people. The link is in my bio. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME, BIRTHDATE, AND 5 INTENTION FOR THE RITUAL IN THE NOTES AT CHECKOUT. YOUR INTENTIONS SHOULD ALIGN WITH THE RITUAL DESCRIPTION ABOVE. 🤑
Thank you to everyone for your continued support!
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