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I am a natural and trained clairvoyant/medium with over 10 years of professional reading experience. Readings are not so much about seeing the future or fortune telling, they're more about looking at what's going on in your energy field in relation to where you are right now, and giving you spiritual solutions to anything that might come up as blocked or negative. My vision is very vivid and the cards serve as a spiritual map of your energy which allow us to navigate through the many different areas of life including relationships, career, vitality, and spiritual path. During these sessions I communicate with the Ancestors and my Spirit Guides to provide you with the most detailed readings possible and often times your ancestors will come through with messages for you. Sessions are $85 for 45 minutes and One Subject 20 minute readings for $65 available through Skype, FaceTime, or Phone. Payment is made first through the website

*** At checkout please include in the notes days and times that work for you. I’m available Tuesday and Wednesday 1-5 pm PST.🔮 I cannot accommodate same day readings.

✔️You will need to place a glass of water next to you at the time of the reading. You call me.

**There are no refunds available. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


Image of Tarot Reading