Full Blood Moon Cord Cutting Group Service

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Back by popular demand I’m offering the Cord Cutting Group Service for the Full Blood Moon/Eclipse. I’ve been hearing from a lot of you that you’ve been feeling energetically heavy and overwhelmed particularly in the area of love. Negative past experiences especially in love can cause imprints in the energy field which trigger toxic physical/spiritual manifestations. This is basically the spiritual equivalent to P.T.S.D. and many curenderas I have worked with over the years have actually linked the two. I spent many years working on my own healing journey and over time I found a series of rituals that are effective at clearing this heavy energy. For those who feel they are ready, its time to cut those cords and leave the past behind!
This service will focus on cutting cords to toxic: lovers, friends, family members, and traumatic love experiences of the past and present that are still attached to your energy field. These energetic cords create patterns and blockages that cause you to experience blocks in several areas of life, love droughts, experience the same type of toxic relationship or same type of issues in a relationship over and over again. We will be working on clearing and healing these through candle work and distant healing work.
This service is $40per person and limited to 25 people. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME, DOB, AND INTENTION IN THE NOTES AT CHECKOUT. This service will take place 1/20 evening. Photos and a summary of the work will be posted here on Instagram. These services sell out quickly so secure your spot sooner than later. The link is in my bio
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