Full Moon Oshun Honey Jar Service


Image of Full Moon Oshun Honey Jar Service

Oshun is the Yoruba Orisha (Goddess)of love, marriage, prosperity, wealth, fertility, pleasure, and everything that makes life worth living. I have a had a lot of requests to bring this service back and with the Full Moon approaching the dreamy sensual vibrations are abundant and it’s the perfect time to focus of Love, Self Love, Material Prosperity, Luxury, Increase Money Flow, and Sweet Blessings! This service will include offerings at at the river on your behalf on the Full Moon this Friday. This service is inspired by everything Oshun represents. Each person will have a personalized offering made in their honor as well as their petition added to the Honey Jar! The service is $40 per person and limited to 35 people. Please include your Full Name, DOB, and brief description of 5 things you would like to bring into your life, in the notes at checkout please! Photos and a report will be posted here on Instagram. This is sure to be a beautiful service and will sell out! Linked in the bio!