Reversal Group Service


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Reversal Group Service

Saturday April 13, 2024

You do not need to put up with energetic bullshit!

Focus: Shut down, clear, and reverse negativity, evil eye, hexes, and send it back to its source to end the cycle of psychic attack for good. Also great for reversing negative conditions and situations to turn everything around in a positive direction. Restore your energy and blessings. If you are finding yourself stuck stagnant, fatigued, restless, and in cycles of love and prosperity droughts, this working is excellent.

Reversal is known as a “Double-Action” ritual used to shut down, cleanse, and send back negativity to its source. The energy is sent back to the source of psychic attacks or negativity. Afterwards restorative work is done to balance and restore your energy. I usually only offer this as private service but since times are wild I decided to bring this to you all.

Please leave your full name, birthdate, and 5 intentions in the notes at checkout. If you forget, send to email using the email button on my profile.

** Example of intentions to include in the notes at checkout or email using the email link on my profile:

- Reverse any hexes and spells cast against me.
- Reverse cycle of financial drought.
- Reverse negativity in my romantic relationship.
- Reverse any evil eye.
- May all negative conditions and restore my blessings.

No consultations are given for group services.

Spots are limited.