Consultations for serious spellwork inquiries are complementary through email. If you would like to speak on the phone or video chat there is a fee. For an email consultation I NEED FULL NAMES, BIRTHDATES, A DESCRPTION OF YOUR SITUATION, AND YOUR OVERALL GOAL. If this involves a break up I need to know how you broke up and how long it has been since you have spoken or been in contact. The more honest details the better. I'll also need to know full names and birthdates. This information helps to determine which services I recommend. A consultation is not a reading but I will be using divination to get an overview of the energy connected to the situation. My rates are not negotiable. I keep my rates as reasonable as possible considering the amount of work being put into these workings. (I have done the research and most workers charge up to double what i charge) It should be understood that I'm working on your petition for a minimum of a week or more and a portion of the money goes towards supplies and offerings. I will answer emails on a first come first serve basis so please know that I am not ignoring your email and I will get to you as quickly as possible. BLESSINGS